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HiFi with VU indication
Power amlifier with LM4780

This is an audio amplifier with HiFi pre-amplifier LM4780TA circuit have integrated stereo amplifier in one housing. His power is 60W per channel and total harmonic distortion(THD) is of 0.5% / 60W which is a solid parameter. Since I needed to make something fast. So I bought the already finished PCB for this amplifier, cost about 200 CZK and the components. I got a sample LM4780 circuit from Texas Instruments. I got a box of metal from an old router. That the amplifier needs a balanced supply here probably do not need to discuss, as well as for other circuits are needed at different voltages and amps in one more source of PCB.
I used to save space toroidal transformer and line filter.

As another essential component of the amplifier is a preamplifier, which is taken from these sites. Contains Circuit LM1036N, which is also quite good preamp circuit. I also used a precision slots and film capacitors for better performance.

To indicate the excitation - VU meter I used the design of this site. This is a very nice design with a PIC processor, therefore it is very small, which suits in a box :-) To programming the PIC I used JDM regulator. Everything works on first connection and this construction can only reccomended.