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For TT and others models ...

The onboard controller for tracks TT

The train controller

I will describe to you my design of the railway regulator for TT train models, which has the following features:

Regulation of train speed (PWM), 0-100% with LED bar graph - indications.
Control (LED) lighting (PWM), 0 to 100% (for additional lights in buildings ...).
Remote control for switching tracks to (6 channels).
Classic controls, industrial switches and buttons.

The controller also has a separate switching output (16V) for „public“ lighting.
Regulating the speed of the train is a classic pulse-width modulation(PWM), as well as supplemental lighting control. The regulator has the opportunity slow response, switch on / off which simulates the real situation of starting and stopping trains. In case of a short circuit on the track's end provided a transistor current resettable fuse and a thermal sensor.

The regulator are following parts:

  1. Main PCB - PWM control train
  2. PCB secondary PWM for lighting and other outputs for each power supply.
  3. PCB to indicate speed train with LED bar graph
  4. Several power modules for general lighting is current limited
  5. Wireless relay module
  6. Classic EI transformer 230VAC / 2x20VAC (100W)


Soon there are more features and process constructions...


Photos :